Parenting hacks: the toy conundrum

We haven’t mastered many parenting topics, but every once in a while we accidently run across a great trick that solves one of life’s little problems, at least temporarily.

Our latest and greatest discovery has been … the garbage can! Or at least the threat thereof ;). 

A bit of backstory here: the dreaded B word (BORED) has begun to surface in our house – the kind of bored where the boys throw every couch cushion and pillow on the floor, jump on them like little hooligans, then flop down and complain that there’s nothing to do. 

My response usually goes something like this:

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Crafts with Kids 101: My Aha! moment

We took the boys to a nearby children’s museum today, which is basically a “hu-normeous” (as my 4 y.o. calls it) building full of toys and activities for kids. We have a membership account with another local one, so we get 50% off several children’s museums in their network. This year we bought memberships passes to the zoo and the children’s museum, and between those two we have access to unlimited entertainment for the boys — well worth the price! 🙂 Continue reading

Math Monday: RightStart curriculum

We went to our state’s homeschooling convention recently. After surveying the math scene, we ended up buying a beginning math set from the RightStart curriculum. We had been to a homeschooling convention a few years ago and I had been so impressed with this curriculum that I had purchased the Geometry set, thinking I could incorporate it into my classroom since I was teaching high school Geometry that year. Well, as it turns out, there was no time or energy to be found that year, so the entire set sits invitingly on my bookshelf, waiting for new homeschooling adventures instead. 🙂 I decided this year to pick up the first set in the series and start it slowly with my son. (This is not an affiliate post — just stories of our experience with it.) Continue reading