Silly Stories for kids: the Zoo Train Parade

Copy of Copy of autumn art fair

My 4 year old son and I sat down to brainstorm some more silly words (rhyming words or alliteration phrases or just plain silly sounds) and we (ok, mostly I) came up with this story. It’s fun to get him involved in the creative writing process so he can see how to get ideas flowing onto paper, then mash them all up and jumble them back together until they fall into place and you get a silly story. 🙂 That’s our official process at the moment.  Continue reading


Creative Writing: Story-telling with preschoolers

Copy of autumn art fair

The tale of the biker man has evolved into a series of stories (The Biker Man Chronicles, perhaps?). We’ve been on a silly-story-telling spree lately, and I had fun working with these particular ones to make them into fun tongue-twister stories.

So here’s the prequel to the story of the Biker man from my last post. Continue reading

On-the-go Storytime

Besides answering All the Questions, another fun activity we like to do on long car rides is make up silly stories. N and I got rolling (umm, no pun intended) on a pretty silly story the other day and he helped me recall it tonight so we could be authors and write our very own book.

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