Math Monday: Tessellations

This week in our spontaneous preschool* math adventures we’ve encountered tessellations, patterns, observations, arts and crafts, and dragons. (*Almost everything explained here could easily be duplicated with students of all ages; in fact, older students would be able to better understand and experiment with these ideas.)

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Silly Stories for kids: the Zoo Train Parade

Copy of Copy of autumn art fair

My 4 year old son and I sat down to brainstorm some more silly words (rhyming words or alliteration phrases or just plain silly sounds) and we (ok, mostly I) came up with this story. It’s fun to get him involved in the creative writing process so he can see how to get ideas flowing onto paper, then mash them all up and jumble them back together until they fall into place and you get a silly story. 🙂 That’s our official process at the moment.  Continue reading

On-the-go Storytime

Besides answering All the Questions, another fun activity we like to do on long car rides is make up silly stories. N and I got rolling (umm, no pun intended) on a pretty silly story the other day and he helped me recall it tonight so we could be authors and write our very own book.

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Math Monday: 10-frame math with seashells


nothing better than doing math with seashells in paw patrol pajamas!

I’ll randomly do some 10-frame math activities with N (now 4 y.o.). We’ve used egg cartons, sketches on paper, “official” ten frame plastic trains, and now a large plastic floor mat with seashells and expo markers.

I was a math teacher for several years, so sometimes it’s a bit hard to contain my excitement about numbers and patterns and logic and anything else that’s even tangentially math related. (ha! pun intended.) Continue reading

Simple geography

CaptureToday turned out to be a bit of a geography day.

We found out that some friends were collecting the state stickers from those little mandarin oranges. Apparently if you can collect all of the 50 state stickers from the Halo oranges, you can win prizes. Continue reading

Science folders

20170529_155313I haven’t made any curriculum choices yet for our upcoming years, but I love to stop by thrift stores and browse their books and toys sections. We’ve run across some great “homeschooling resources” this way for very little money! Continue reading

Math Monday: Sticker Bar Graphs

Copy of Cotton Ball Algebra (1)

A few weeks back, a friend inspired me with her creative use of vinyl stickers. During a play date, she gave the kids pages of stickers and let them decorate her windows. Continue reading

Spelling for fun

I like to find fun ways to help N practice writing and spelling. I stumbled across a simple project that worked well, so I wanted to pass along the idea.

Both boys love “collecting” rocks. On our way to the park the other day, I gave the boys a zip lock bag for collecting rocks. I also needed to keep them busy for a few minutes while I finished getting ready, so I found some stickers for them to use to decorate their bags. J got some fish stickers but I ran across some letter stickers I’d forgotten about, so I gave those to N.


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