Science folders

20170529_155313I haven’t made any curriculum choices yet for our upcoming years, but I love to stop by thrift stores and browse their books and toys sections. We’ve run across some great “homeschooling resources” this way for very little money! Continue reading


Math Monday: Sticker Bar Graphs

Copy of Cotton Ball Algebra (1)

A few weeks back, a friend inspired me with her creative use of vinyl stickers. During a play date, she gave the kids pages of stickers and let them decorate her windows. Continue reading

Spelling for fun

I like to find fun ways to help N practice writing and spelling. I stumbled across a simple project that worked well, so I wanted to pass along the idea.

Both boys love “collecting” rocks. On our way to the park the other day, I gave the boys a zip lock bag for collecting rocks. I also needed to keep them busy for a few minutes while I finished getting ready, so I found some stickers for them to use to decorate their bags. J got some fish stickers but I ran across some letter stickers I’d forgotten about, so I gave those to N.


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Letting the day unfold

I had made no plans for the day, but it turned out the day had adventures of its own for us.

One of my friends came over in the morning and she played wonderfully with the boys! They loved the attention and she helped them get a lot of wiggles out. The boys danced to their favorite song (photosynthesis! I’ll do another post on this later) and played lots of running games — ninjas, bad guys, police, octonauts … they’re all basically variations on the same game: running in circles around the living room, giggling riotously.


After yesterday’s encouraging game experience, we tried this Daniel Tiger game. Continue reading

the little things

Our “homeschooling” themes at this point consist of an eclectic mash-up of Mom’s Grand Ideas and the boys’ Exciting Discoveries.

Today, for instance …

20170525_082815-1This morning we narrowly avoided our morning tv routine by some stroke of luck and distraction. I asked N to find a book he could read to me. He chose a lift-the-flap book and got absorbed in it, forgetting about me. This is always good.

Meanwhile, J found a roly-poly on the living room floor. Continue reading